How To: Create an e-Announcement Image

Whether it’s a company newsletter or an information update, sometimes small business owners need to send electronic messages to their email database. Today, I’ll show you one simple way to be sure your information is displayed effectively and perfectly laid out in any users inbox. Why is this important? Layouts and fonts can be difficult to predict, depending on browsers and email providers. To ensure your readers receive the best view, take a few extra steps to make your e-message look great!

1. To start, open PowerPoint and change the size of a slide to the proportions you’d like to use in your message.

PowerPoint Page LayoutFind the “Design” tab, and then press “Page Setup” to pull up the small box title “Page Setup” in the middle of your screen. Change the Width and Height to your specifications. I changed the size to a standard “8.5 x 11,” but you can play around with is to find the size that makes the most sense for you.

2. Create your message and Save As an image.

Save AsOnce you’ve used images, logos, text boxes and other tools to craft the message you would like to send, save the slide as an image. To do this, click “File” and then “Save As.” This will pull up the menu you see here. Create a File Name. Mine is “Grand Opening!” Beneath the File Name, click the dropdown arrow to choose “PNG Portable Network Graphics Format” from the types listed. When you click Save, a window will pop up asking if you’d like to save all slides or just the current one. I usually save one at a time, but if you’ve created multiple slides that you’d like to save as images, that is an option as well.

3. Share your image as a message.

Now that your message is saved as an image, log into your email inbox and compose a new message. In the message options should be a place to “Insert Image.” Select the image you just created in PowerPoint and size it appropriately in the body of the email message. Include any additional links or signatures, and don’t forget the Subject!, and send your beautiful image message on its way!

Grand Opening!

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Sarah Matlock
Owner, Web Design by Sarah
Sarah is the founder and sole proprietor of a small web design business in Indianapolis, IN. She works primarily with local nonprofits and small business in need of web services, like website design or social media management, at affordable rates for those smaller budgets.

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