A Valentine’s Day Treat!

Happy Hearts Day, friends!

Valentine's Day Lock Screen

Please enjoy this Valentine’s screensaver   ↑↑there↑↑   as well as the opening lines to Love Actually, a great reminder that love actually is allaround.  ↓↓ there↓↓


I hope you’re spending today (and everyday!) with someone you love!


To use the image as your phone lock screen or background,
just save the image to your phone and select “Use as Wallpaper.”

To use as a computer or tablet background,
download the image and set as Desktop Background.

Browse past lockscreen designs.

© All Rights Reserved. Images for personal use only. Property of Web Design by Sarah.

Sarah Matlock
Owner, Web Design by Sarah
Sarah is the founder and sole proprietor of a small web design business in Indianapolis, IN. She works primarily with local nonprofits and small business in need of web services, like website design or social media management, at affordable rates for those smaller budgets.


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