Compare: Browsers

While I’m a Chrome gal through-and-through, sometimes it’s a good idea to step back and reevaluate the competition. This week, we’ll compare a few of the most popular browsers and what they can do for you.



Since I’ve already admitted my favorite, let’s start with Chrome. As a GMail, Google Drive, Auto-Backup user, Chrome really streamlines browsing by allowing users to sign in on any computer and access their own bookmarks and browsing history.

PC World Review:
– Sandboxed to help prevent malware infections
– Can close slow or frozen pages without restarting

– Plain design
– No integrated RSS reader


FirefoxMozilla Firefox is a unique browser in that it is created for the people, by the people. Mozilla explains, “People contributed to Mozilla in different ways, but everyone was passionate about creating free software that would enable people to have a choice in how they experienced the Internet.”

PC World Review
– Thousands of add-ons make it a “Swiss Army knife”
– Superb HTML 5 performance

– Too many add-ons can slow down the browser
– Slow page loads



This browser is the default on the Wii and other devices. It is also apparently quite popular in Russia, according to my blog statistics anyway. 😉

PC World Review
– Fast; customizable; feature-rich

– Some sites do not support, doesn’t automatically import bookmarks

Internet Explorer

IEInternet Explorer has long been the butt of many Internet meme jokes. However, with recent updates to the Microsoft Operating system, IE has been more competitive it seems.

PC World Review
– Good security features
– Fast HTML 5 processing

– Managing tabs can be difficult
– No themes or automated bookmark syncing

What browser do you use? Do you have any recommendations?

Sarah Matlock
Owner, Web Design by Sarah
Sarah is the founder and sole proprietor of a small web design business in Indianapolis, IN. She works primarily with local nonprofits and small business in need of web services, like website design or social media management, at affordable rates for those smaller budgets.


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