How To: Schedule Social Media Updates for Free Online

If you’re a small business owner, you are probably aware of the importance of regular social media updates. However, it’s nearly impossible to wade through daily tasks and find time to be on-point, clear, and engaging with the online community at regular intervals. Rather than finding a place in your budget to hire a full time Social Media Manager, consider using a free online scheduling tool for social media updates.

Two popular, free social media scheduling tools are HootSuite and Both have membership options that offer increased usability and features for paying customers, but their free profiles are nothing to sneeze at.

HootSuite HomepageA free profile on this site allows you to manage up to 5 social media accounts, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and so on. You can schedule posts, images, status updates, and tweets at specific times and dates of your choice. The HootSuite dashboard also allows you to create custom “feeds” of information, such as searching a keyword on Twitter. Each time a Twitter user includes your keyword in a tweet, your feed is updated to reflect the use of that term. By far, one of the simplest and most helpful free online social media schedulers on the web. HomepageThis is a nice tool for those who spend a lot of quality time updating their site regularly but don’t have the time to Tweet or Facebook about it. Each time you update your company blog, for instance, will automatically push your new content on the social media outlets of your choice. With a free account, you can add 5 feeds and 3 separate social media profiles that will be automatically updated each time you post new content.

I haven’t had as much experience with as I have with, though anything that happens “automatically” is okay by me. That’s one less thing to worry about in the small business owner’s ever growing pile of Projects Requiring Attention!

What social media scheduling tool do you recommend?

Sarah Matlock
Owner, Web Design by Sarah
Sarah is the founder and sole proprietor of a small web design business in Indianapolis, IN. She works primarily with local nonprofits and small business in need of web services, like website design or social media management, at affordable rates for those smaller budgets.


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